Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Profiling Taste of Fifth Charities: Spoke the Hub

Dalienne, Lori, Maril, Elise, Stephanie

One of our Taste of Fifth charities, Spoke the Hub, has been an integral park of the Park Slope cultural and creative community since 1979.

Spoke provides classes for all ages, kids camps, dance and theater performances, movie screenings, gallery shows, artist programs and so much more.

This month, they will start to raise money toward a new stairwell for the Gowanus Arts building. Their first major fundraising event will be March 27-29 -- the third GOWANATHON:  "Stairway to Heaven" -- which is a weekend arts-marathon packed full of classes, performances, film screenings, life drawing sessions, writers reading, dance parties,  and even a "purification" procession and ceremony  to the Gowanus Canal on Sunday!  You can buy day and weekend passes online now at: www.spokethehub.org

The Gowanus building has also received funding for a 6,000 square foot green rooftop garden, where produce will be grown, scheduled to open in September 2016. Check out this DNA Info article for more.

Support Spoke the Hub by purchasing tickets to A Taste of Fifth and attending their fundraising events and wonderful performances and classes. 

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  1. I LOVE STH! What an amazing organization of people, and Elise Long is a true gem of a person. I have taken classes there and even had by bridal shower there. They are always throwing these wonderful events from movies, to music to dance, and keep the community involved. STH has this way of attracting the BEST people. I look forward to when my baby is old enough to take dance classes there when he is 2. Keep up the good work STH!

  2. We are HuGE fans of STH. They are vital to keeping Brooklyn culturally vibrant and courageous!!

  3. Spoke The Hub is the rare place where everyone can find their inner artist. Long (Elise) Live Spoke!

  4. Spoke the Hub is made up of such a fantastic group of hard working, young talent that is always supported by their wonderful families! Truly a joy to work there!

  5. Great fundraising article, I've really enjoyed reading this. I have recently discovered Tony Charalambides fundraising blog - you should check it out!