Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to Teaus

Teaus, which opened last month at 86 Fifth Avenue, is a tea cafe with deep roots in Flushing, Queens. We dropped by their new Park Slope location this week to meet the crew and get a better idea what they are about.

Welcome to Park Slope's Fifth Avenue! We are excited to have you guys on the Avenue.

We noticed that you have glass bottles for tea. Can you tell us more about that?

A: Our primary goal is to create an environmental bottle that can be reused. We give 50 cent discounts for customers who bring the bottles back for refill. And, we also wanted to have some interesting container for our teas. That is when we thought of the glass bottle.

What are some of your most popular teas?
A: Rose Milk Tea, Mango Green Tea, Triple berry Green Tea. Also, we have some quite special drink called "Tea Smoothie".Instead of using water making the smoothie, we use tea, it creates refreshing taste to our drinks.

What made you exited to open a business on Park Slope's Fifth Avenue?
A: After success of our first store in Flushing, Queens, we wanted to expand our business. We have done our research on many areas such as Williamsburg, Astoria, and Manhattan. After my first visit to Park Slope, I really enjoyed the place. In my opinion, it is a really mature neighborhood. It is close by Barclays Center, and it has many upscale restaurants.Then, I realized it does not offer a tea room like ours. That made me excited to pen a business on Park Slope's Fifth Avenue.

When we visited last week, we learned that there is a now Japanese food offered at Teaus by a company called Kuma. Can you tell us more about what will be offered?
A: I am currently experimenting with all kind of food business in all of my stores. I am planning to serve some light food in our store, but I do not want to end up something like bakery-ish. Kuma is our temporary partner, and hopefully we can end up being a long-term partner. They serve light Japanese snacks and food! My current plan is to convert our stores to Fusion tea house.

Do you have any plans for events or specials at Teaus?
A: We do occasionally host some sort of events like "glass bottle drawing contest", where our customers can draw on our bottle and win a prize. Our next event probably will be Best Halloween Costume Contest. Details will be posted soon.

Have you had a moment to try some of the stores, bars, or restaurants along Fifth Avenue? If so, what are your favorites, so far? Any that you hope to try in the near future?
A: I noticed there are many bars in the areas, but really didn't have a chance to try. I did had the chance to try Shake Shack, which was really pleasant. I am looking forward to try some of the upscale Italian restaurants in the near future.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brooklyn and Liberia - Imani House in both Communities

Imani House lives on Fifth Avenue, Park Slope and in the African nation of Liberia. It was co-founded by Director Bisi Ideraabdullah with the directive to Assist Marginalized Youth, Families, and Immigrants to create vibrant neighborhoods where residents are decision makers who take responsibility for the improvement of their lives and surroundings. 

Today, Imani House continues to provide health services through their clinic in Liberia, the Imani House International (IHI) and their youth development after-school programs, along with family support and adult literacy classes in and around Park Slope, Brooklyn.

IHI Clinic is now 21 years old. Located on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia, each year the Clinic serves approximately 17,000 women and children. They need assistance. It has lost two of its staff to the Ebola Virus but remains open in the face of the outbreak.

IHI is asking others to join them in this fight against Ebola. It is destroying the lives and fragile infrastructures in Liberia.  Contributions are sought to help the organization; keep the clinic open, purchase much needed protective supplies for the staff and community, acquire an ambulance, complete the renovation of a small building that will serve as a triage and isolation space for suspected cases of Ebola, to expand community awareness and educate about Ebola, and to allow IHI to serve as a public information bridge for health workers and the Ministry of Health.  

If you would like to assist Imani House, please go to GlobalGiving at 
$60 will buy a case of 300 safety masks, $25 will buy one Hazmat suit for a staff person, $10 will purchase 5 gallons of clorox for clinic daily disinfecting.

Here is a video about Imani House that explains more. Imani House Liberia Program

The Imani House team welcomes you to visit them and to learn more about the Clinic and their after school programs. Their office is located at 76-A Fifth Avenue, Park Slope between St Mark's Place and Warren Street. Call 718 638 2059 or  visit the website

Monday, September 29, 2014

Barclays Center at Two

Believe it or not, the Barclays Center celebrated its two year anniversary on Sunday. Love it or not, there is no denying that the arena has had an effect on the commercial corridors that surround the arena, including Fifth Avenue.

We've pulled together a couple of pieces, looking at the positives and negatives of the Barclays Center since 2012. The first is a video piece from BK Live (BRIC). It's an honest discussion of the issues including our own Farid Ali (BID Board Member and co-owner of Bogota Latin Bistro)

The second is an article in the Commercial Observer, from a real estate perspective:
Two Years After the Barclays Center Opened, Which Local Businesses Have Won and Lost

Friday, September 26, 2014

Olive Oil 101 on Fifth

This Tuesday, September 30th, drop by O'live Brooklyn (140 5TH AVE between Sterling and  Douglass) for their Olive Oil 101 Class! From 6-7:30, explore the unique flavor characteristics of extra virgin olive oil, enjoy light snacks and cocktails and receive a complimentary bottle of olive oil!
Admission is $30. Highly recommended!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blue Ribbon Oktoberfest on Fifth

We happened to notice this odd coincidence while walking along Fifth this week:

Blue Ribbon (280 Fifth Avenue) is celebrating Oktoberfest with Bavarian food and beer. Sounds awesome!

Right down the Avenue, Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store (232 Fifth Avenue) sent us an email this week, wishing us a "Hoppy Oktoberfest" and sharing some of the cool, Oktoberfest-related products that they carry (beer steins!). They also mentioned their  S'well Trunk Show, which takes place today from 4-7. Be there!

So, we have two Oktoberfests, two Blue Ribbons and Fifth Avenue in common, here. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. But come on down and celebrate Oktoberfest on Fifth, anyway!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Wait is Over!

It appears that the wait for Luke's Lobster is finally over! We received this press release last night:

Luke’s Lobster announced it was “coming soon to Park Slope” back in February. Since then, neighbors have been fairly beating down the door. It took an extra couple of months for the landlord’s contractors to hand the keys over, and a total of two and a half years since Luke’s first found the space, but it’s finally paid off: Luke’s will open at 237 Fifth Avenue on Friday, September 26th with its first ever tap beers and a backyard perfect for fall.
Lobster, New England Clam Chowder, Maine and local micro-brews and desserts by Four and Twenty Blackbirds. We bet we know where you will be visiting this weekend. See you there!