Monday, March 23, 2015

Profiling Taste of Fifth Charities: Imani House

Jaclyn, Ms Bisi and Lyse
April 1st is the big day; Taste of Fifth 2015 (just 10 days away)!

Get your tickets soon, they are selling quickly! Remember to choose one of 15 local charities when you make your purchase. They get $20 per ticket when chosen!

One of the charities benefiting from Taste is Imani House.

Imani House, in the north end of the BID (which runs from Dean St to 18th, including some side streets) has long been a part of the Park Slope community. It's mission is "to assist marginalized youth, families, and immigrants to create vibrant neighborhoods where residents are decision makers who take responsibility for the improvement of their lives and surroundings." As the organization says, they believe that everyone can succeed if they are motivated and have access to appropriate skills, information and opportunities.

Ms Bisi, the founder and Director of the organization has been in the news recently as Imani doesn't just provide services in Brooklyn but they also have a clinic in Liberia. The Ebola outbreak hit the clinic hard and it had to close, but Imani House has worked tirelessly to partner and support the work on the ground against this terrible virus. Check out Imani's website for more on their mission, how they developed internationally and what they have to offer our community.

It is with much pleasure that the local eateries and bars are supporting Imani House and the other charities and schools listed below by bringing you fun, food and drinks at the Taste of Fifth 2015. Buy your tickets here.

Imani House
76A 5th Avenue
Facebook Imani House Inc
Twitter Imanihousebklyn

All the participating charities:

Joanna Tallantire

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