Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New From ZuZu's Petals

We recently received an email from the amazing 5th Avenue shop ZuZu's Petals. They have some great new plants this summer that you should check out, if you get a chance. Click on the links to see the photos of each plant or, click here for a slide show:

*A new variety of Dracaena (pictured right) with a beautiful colored leaf that grows in a whorl

*A very pretty crinkly leaved Palm that grows in any bright window

*The Metallic Palm, perhaps the hardiest houseplant that ZuZus ever found

*The Orchids are looking great!

*An elegant flowering Mandevilla that can spend the summer out of doors and move inside for the winter

*Pretty Purple Peppers to spruce up window boxes or planters

*Hardy Hibiscus in full bud and Lorraine would say:"Big as your head".

If you have a garden, a flower box or you just love beautiful plants, you should really drop by ZuZu's Petals and check it out!

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