Monday, August 31, 2009

Important Meeting on 5th Avenue Meter Rates

On Wednesday, September 9th at 7:30 PM, the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) will host a public meeting at the Park Slope United Methodist Church (6th Avenue & 8th Street) to allow residents and merchants to share their opinions about the pilot "Park Smart" program.

The program, which started in May, raised the meter rates along 5th and 7th Avenues, between Sackett and 3rd Streets, from $.75 an hour to $1.50 an hour during prime times. The program aimed to increase the available metered spaces along the avenue and, according to the study results of the program, it has worked as planned. In fact, the program, thus far, has improved overall parking space occupancy by 4 percentage points, from 88% in April to 84% in June (a lower number meaning there is more space to park).

Following up on this success, DOT wants to increase the parking rates again from $1.50 an hour to $3.00 an hour! This has many area merchants concerned, fearing that this second increase in just a few months will drive customers away from the avenue at a time when they are struggling the most.

So, what are your thoughts about this second proposed increase, from $1.50/hour to $3.00/hour? Share your comments, below, or drop by the meeting on the 9th. Your voice and opinion are needed!


  1. There is no statistical significance between 84% and 88%. They also did not take into account that most people go away during the summer which would explain this slight change. If rates increase it will hurt foot traffic on 5th and many businesses will suffer. There is nothing wrong with 5th ave having its parking spots occupied! Its healthy for business.

  2. Not only will the increase deter customers but those who do come will come for a shorter period of time. This is a merchant strip where we want cusomers to shop leisurely and spend time on the avenue...not to feel rushed. Time and again my customers are complaining about the rate increase, the tickets they received trying to rush back to feed the meter.Increased parking rates are not the answer, better bus service, areas for truck deliveries, muni meters are the solutions. Why aren't these options being done? Small businesses are hurting enough..where's the real help for us?