Monday, August 24, 2009

Historic Photos of Fifth

Taken in the 1940's, this photo depicts the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 3rd Street, looking North(ish).

On the right, you see an appliance store where 'Snice is today. On the left, a traditional Italian Pasticceria offers Park Slope Gelati where the Stone Park Cafe stands today.

Same buildings, different uses! Bring back those trolleys!

Do you have historic photos of Park Slope's Fifth Avenue? Share them with us at

Thanks to Bob and Judi's Coolectibles for sharing the photo!


  1. Amazing picture. would love to see more of 5th avenue back in the day. thanks for sharing

  2. The New York Public Library has a great set of photos of NYC from the 1870s-1970s. For example, here's 5th Ave 7 16th Street:

  3. i love the historic photos, but it's incomplete without the present-day view from the exact(or closest) spot. it would be nice to compare the then and now side-by-side.