Friday, December 28, 2012

Even More About New Year's Eve

The Barclay's Center really brings Brooklyn's New Year's Eve celebration to a whole new, interesting level. Coming up this weekend:

Sunday, December 30th: Coldplay 
Monday, December 31st: Coldplay and... Jay-Z?

Sounds like an interesting way to spend the last night of the year, although we're kind-of scratching our heads, trying to figure out what a Jay-Z/Coldplay show will be like.

Oh, by the way, yesterday we neglected to mention the 30+ bars along the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID, all of which will be celebrating New Year's Eve in some way or another. We already know that High Dive (243 Fifth Avenue) and The Monro Pub (481 Fifth Avenue) will be having free champagne toasts to ring in the New Year. More to come as we hear about it.

Make sure to drop by for a drink after the big Coldplay/Jay-Z show.

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