Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toys "R" Us Pops Up On Fifth?

Brownstoner is reporting that toy giant Toys "R" Us is planning to set up a number of temporary "pop up" shops in smaller spaces along Brooklyn's commercial strips, during the holiday season. A sign has already been spotted on Fifth Avenue and 11th Street at the "Jeans Express" space.

So, Fifth Avenue, is this good for the neighborhood? Bad? Will you shop there this holiday season? And, most importantly, what effect do you think this pop up shop will have on Fifth Avenue's Needgaard toy space, which was recently set up above the pharmacy? Is this really "shopping local"?

Let us know what you think!

Photo via Brownstoner


  1. I love the idea, sometimes Toys R Us has things that you can't get at the local boutique toy shops in town. It has PLASTIC, toys that have buttons, require batteries, and that kids love! hahaha. It'll be good have around during the holidays and will save me the hassle of going into the city or ordering online.

  2. So Toys 'R' Us comes into Park Slope for a few weeks, rewards some absentee landlord for warehousing their storefront to the detriment of the community, pays a handful of workers minimum wage, undercuts established mom 'n' pop stores, and then -- poof! -- vanishes with our money, which would otherwise have circulated through the local economy.

    Good for the neighborhood? Not by a mile. Spend your dollars in a locally owned toy store.

  3. Some national chains actually are independently-owned - like the McDonald's franchise on 9th Street and the 7-11 on 5th Avenue. True, the money leaves the community since these aren't LOCALLY-owned businesses, but it's far better than shipping their earnings off to a central corporate office somewhere outside the neighborhood.

    Frankly, I'll continue to support Little Things on 7th Avenue.