Monday, August 23, 2010

Help Save Puppet's Jazz Bar

Last week we received a message from Puppet's Jazz Bar, asking for some help from their customers. We thought we would help the cause by spreading the message to you.

To All Our Valued Customers, Musicians, Friends & Family,

We hope everyone has been having a great summer. Puppet’s Jazz Bar has missed you. As we all know, times are very tough right now economically. Puppet’s Jazz Bar has been fighting to survive this economic climate since the day we opened. The last few months have been especially hard on us and we are currently in dire straights. We need to boost business now or we will not be around much longer. That means we need your help. We’ve decided to have a fundraiser on Friday and Saturday August 27th and 28th in an effort to save our friendly neighborhood Jazz Club. We feel that we provide a valuable service to the neighborhood by providing quality healthy food and amazing live music on a daily basis. If you feel the same way, we need you to start showing it. We hope that you can join us. Feel free to invite as many people as possible. We need anybody and everybody to come out and support. Not only for us (the owners of Puppet’s Jazz Bar), but also for all the musicians (both old & young) who depend on Puppet’s, and for the neighborhood. There will be no cover charge for the fundraiser, but we will be accepting any form of donations you can give to save Puppet’s Jazz Bar, whether it’s cash, check, charge or just buying some food/drinks. If for any reason you cannot come to the fundraiser, but still want to give a donation to help save Puppet’s Jazz Bar, you can email us through the website ( to arrange a meeting with either Marty or Jamie, or just come on by and give what you can. Thank you for all of your support over the past 6 years! We hope this event will be a great success, so we can continue to serve you in the future.


Marty, Jamie, Paul, Jon, & the entire Puppet’s Jazz Bar Family

Perhaps Puppet's is one of your 3/50 Project local businesses to support and save? Or, perhaps you just love Jazz music or you recognize the importance of having a diverse, interesting mix of businesses on Fifth Avenue. Whatever the reason, we hope that you will spread the word and/or help, if you can.

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