Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonight at Dancing Under the Stars: Vince Lisi

The above performance featured Vince Lisi so we think this is what Fifth Avenue is going to experience tonight. We hope so, because you can definitely dance to it. For a change, the temperatures will be cool so, unlike the previous Tuesday nights this summer, it should be an easy night to dance without collapsing from heat stroke.

As always, the festivities will start at 6 with kids programming. Tonight's kid performer will be Gabriel Hays. The adult, dancing portion of the program will begin at 7 and continue till 9.

See you there!

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  1. My band, Bangstrum, had a great time playing last night. We enjoyed it so much we played through the 2 hours without a break so the dancing wouldn't stop. Even the weather cooperated. It was pleasantly cool so dancers wouldn't break a sweat. Only when we left Aunt Suzie's for dinner after playing, it started to rain! Thanks again to the Fifth Ave Bid and to all those who came by last night. Be sure to see the next and last band play next Tues at 7. —Vince