Monday, April 5, 2010

Roadify BAM

When we last mentioned Roadify here at All About Fifth, we got a pretty strong reaction from folks who were concerned about participants in their parking program texting and receiving texts while driving.

Roadify's latest idea, known as BAM (Buses Around Me), will probably receive a pretty positive reaction from public transportation advocates, though. The idea behind the BAM program is simple. If you ride buses regularly in NYC, you likely spend a great deal of time standing and waiting for the bus to arrive. Where is the next bus? A BAM participant on a bus can tell you by texting their position to Roadify. People who are waiting at the bus stop can then get that update via text on their phones.

Actually, the video above does a great job of explaining it all. Check it out and if you are a bus rider, it probably couldn't hurt to join the BAM program. It's free and with more participants comes better, more accurate bus location data.

If only it was possible to run a program like this on the subway!

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