Monday, April 12, 2010

The Weather Does Wonders

We had a chance to stroll along Fifth Avenue yesterday on what was one of the nicest Sundays in recent memory. It's amazing what a little warm weather and some improved economic news can do for a commercial street! The shops were busy and the restaurants were filled with diners. What a change from a few months ago when the cold weather and the economy had turned the Avenue into a virtual ghost town!

Did you get a chance to shop, drink or dine on Fifth this weekend? If so, was it the weather or the "improved" economic news that brought you out? Or both?

The only downer was seeing Gorilla Coffee's gate closed. According to the New York Times, the dispute between the owner and employees has not been solved and the gate will likely remain closed for some time. We'll keep our eyes on this story, as Gorilla Coffee is such an important institution on Fifth.

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