Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Change in Prospect Park

We don't often have the time to read the New York Times these days. That must be why we completely missed the important announcement that Prospect Park Alliance President Tupper Thomas is retiring! In fact, we only noticed after Brownstoner's brief piece yesterday.

Tupper has done an amazing job in making Prospect Park the green jewel of Brooklyn. We all recognize that the park's rennaisance has played a big role in Fifth Avenue's recent success. So, Tupper, we are all eternally grateful for your service to this community!

To read the entire New York Times article, click here.

Photo by CassieShotz


  1. Why am I reading this? Why is Brownstoner linking to this? Talk about re-blogging at its worst. CONGRATULATIONS FOR BEING ABLE TO READ OTHER THINGS AND TYPE AN EMBARRASSINGLY RETARDED SUMMARY THEREOF!!! [CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP 4 U!!!!]

  2. you don't have to be so bitter about it. try meditation

  3. Our neighbor clearly has anger issues.