Monday, January 4, 2010

Social Parking

We have spoken about Park Slope's many parking issues here at All About Fifth a number of times.

Recently, the Brookln Paper highlighted a new Park Slope company called Roadify which is trying to solve the parking issue through the use of technology, social networking and good old fashioned communication and generosity. The basic idea is that members of Roadify identify spots they are leaving via text message and then, the information is shared with any member of the network who is seeking a space.

Roadify is still in its infancy but, any idea that will help to ease parking and traffic (caused by people driving around in circles looking for a spot) is welcomed.

To read the Brooklyn Paper's take on Roadify, click here.

Photo via Roadify


  1. Here's an idea that's sure to open up parking space for motorists who are driving in to do shopping on Fifth:

    Let's incrementally increase parking meter rates every 15 minutes. Your first 15 minutes costs a quarter. Your next 15 minutes cost 50 cents. Your next 15 minutes costs a buck. This is a PROVEN way to open up parking space on a commercial block.

    And let's make sure that some of that new parking meter revenue goes to the 5th Avenue BID and isn't all just dumped into the city's general budget.

    As for people driving around Park Slope paying more attention to their texting device than what's happening on the street in front of them? I have no idea why anyone who actually loves this neighborhood would want to encourage that.

  2. So the idea is to replace drivers slowly circling the block with their eyes on the road with drivers speeding to a spot (that's probably already taken) with their eyes on their cellpones. I see a huge demand for armoured strollers about to develop.

  3. Great idea! Let's encourage drivers who are motoring around a pedestrian-heavy area to keep an eye on their cell phones and not the road. Yet another genius idea from the same people who don't understand that bikers and pedestrians are their ultimate customers.

    This makes me embarassed to shop at any of the 5th Ave. BID stores.

  4. No one said that this was a BID initiative. This is an idea. You are free to comment. What a bunch of cranks.

  5. Of coures, it's not a BID initiative, but it's being endorsed on a blog with some tight ties to the BID. It's also a terrible idea and one that, as the 1:09 p.m. comment noted, leads to some awfully irresponsible behavior in a neighborhood with lots of people walking around. We should be encouraging putting cell phones away while driving and not taking them out.

  6. It's not an endorsement and the BID is not the enemy here. Who is to say that the person cannot responsibly pull over at a fire hydrant and check for a space on their phone and then pull out? OF COURSE they should not be doing it while driving. That is stupid behavior.

  7. i use on my BB when i drive. it reads out loud my emails and texts so i don't have to look or pick up the phone while i drive.

    i can see it being very beneficial in this manner.