Monday, December 21, 2015

Too Many Great Gifts at Lullaby Baby!

Baby toys are amazing these days, as I recently discovered in Lullaby Baby. Yossi, the owner, showed me suction construction toys, traditional toddler toys and some fun twirling ones that distracted me, just like an infant!

I would advise you not to touch those plush toys, they are so soft, you will have to buy the whole box. Ah, but you have to buy the whole box anyway because they are friends. Then you need lots of them for the gorgeous walk-a-long dolly your child will want to take absolutely everywhere. As for the suction toys, I so wish I had them for my little ones. I can see hours of fun in the high chair.

Lullaby Baby is more than just toys, baby things are everywhere. For a small store Lullaby certainly has a wide variety of strollers and other equipment you must have. I have to say, I have teenagers, I don't remember my stroller being quite so sophisticated. A chic black and white vehicle collapsing into a car seat, looking more like a convertible but easier to park. Considering I bought a car seat and a stroller, the price tag for the this stroller wasn't bad!

Lullaby Baby also sells online with helpful features like gift finder, free shipping and shop by brand. So if you can't get to the store have a look at their website. But I would say you are missing out shopping online. It's a pleasure to be in the store, not just for the great service but to be treated with such courtesy and so much time given to each custmer. A wonderful store on #theother5th.

Please note Lullaby isn't open on Saturdays.

Lullaby Baby
488 5th Ave

-Joanna Tallantire


  1. Good! I think we'll probably go with a black stroller, and I am leaning towards either the green or yellow car seat.Additionally, the fabric that's used seems like it will be very easy to clean.

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