Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Private Picassos - Art Studio and Store

Fairly new to #theother5th is Private Picassos, a warm inviting kids' art studio. Valeen (the owner) is as welcoming as her beautiful space. It's not just an art studio but an art store and fun space to bring your little ones to play.

The studio at the back has tables and chairs ready for all sorts of art. It makes you feel like your own home with bright walls, toys and pens and art that the children have made, but also cool music playing that adults would enjoy too. Valeen told me this was just what she aimed for when designing the space. A place where adults would like to hang out with their children and create.

There are DIY kits you can buy and do in the studio or join a workshop! There are membership options too. But you don't have to be a kid, there are adult workshops as well, like Introduction to Watercolor and Holiday Card Making. Check out the website for more detail.

When you walk into the store/studio, you will see a blackboard with a weekly special art task the children can do on a drop-in basis. Then there are arty books, including adult coloring books, pens and art toys, like Tooblinks, and wooden pencils. The children's books caught my eye as well, Valeen knows there aren't many bookshops nearby so she has some-art themed ones for sale.

Private Picassos hosts kids' birthday parties too. So come and shop and play and relax. It's the perfect spot!

Private Picassos
237 5th Ave near Carroll

-Joanna Tallantire

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