Friday, May 1, 2015

Bagel Pub on 9th St - a Hidden Gem on #theother5th

Bagel Pub, located on 9th Street near Fifth Avenue, serves up fresh bagels, yes,  but so much more. I met with Lauren Kotsis, who owns the store with her husband. They live in Park Slope.

You'll find Bagels, panini, wraps, fresh juices and to my surprise, "make your own salad". The kettle cup bagels are baked on site and can be filled however you like. Lauren tells me that they are happy to customize anything on the menu.

The Bagel Pub doesn't strike me as your typical store and Lauren agrees with me. They play music that people can enjoy sitting and relaxing to.  The high tin ceilings and fan make if feel like a high end restaurant. There's not a huge amount of seating, but in the warmer months the front is open to the hustle and bustle of 9th St. Another surprise was the gorgeous backyard, which is huge and extremely quiet. Lauren says they just opened it after the winter and it needs some spring cleaning but people were already outside enjoying it on my visit.

Lauren feels it's important to know your customers and absorb their feedback. She told me she has many loyal customers and because of this she tries to keep the prices as affordable as possible. Quality staff and friendly, professional service are also high on her agenda.

As the store is near the 9th St Subway station, they get a lot of customers coming for breakfast. They do a lot of catering and offer specials like kid's lunch, as well.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Lauren. I found out her father owns a store on #theother5th too, J and Y Upholstery, on the corner of 15th St. Now I know where she gets her entrepreneurial spirit from.

Bagel Pub, 287 9th St between 4th and 5th Avenues
718 499-4402 or order online.

Joanna Tallantire

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