Monday, October 6, 2014

Welcome Back to The Chocolate Room!

We are thrilled to welcome The Chocolate Room back to Park Slope's Fifth Avenue (#theother5th) at 51 Fifth Avenue!

We dropped by on Friday and checked out their bigger, better space and even picked up the newest chocolate bar from Brooklyn's own Mast Brothers (Maple!)

We also took a moment to interview co-owner Naomi Josepher, who is relieved to be back on Fifth, satisfying our collective sweet tooth.



Q: We are so excited to have The Chocolate Room open again and we know that the neighborhood is ready to check out the new space. Welcome back!

A: We are ecstatic to be back on 5th Ave. We searched a year for our new home. We found ourselves looking in neighborhoods all over Brooklyn, but we always preferred to stay close by. We were very very lucky to have been able to move into this exact space. It's a space we've known for 10 years, and always had our eye on. We're so grateful for the welcoming this community brings us and for the support over the last 8 months as we've built out. We had many visits from dear friends that would come by to offer words of encouragement and support as we worked day and night. We are deeply grateful for the Brooklyn community that has enabled us to return!

Q:Tell us a little bit about your new location. What has changed ?

A: Bigger space with room for both our guests and more chocolate! We will eventually have an outdoor space, hopefully by spring. We will have an ice cream window for easy access to our delicious homemade, all natural ice creams made in our shops. We have room for ready made cakes! We always encourage placing an order if you know you will need it, but now we have room to create additional Layer Cakes, Almond Cakes, German Chocolate Cakes, Cheesecakes, and more for people to walk in to purchase for last minute needs. We're applying for a full liquor license which we anticipate receiving in a few months.

Q: What are your best sellers at The Chocolate Room and are the best sellers different between your locations?

A: All of the items we offer are very popular but our best sellers would be our Chocolate Layer Cake, Brownie Sundae, and Dark or Classic Hot Chocolates.

Q: Do you have any plans for events or specials at The Chocolate Room, now that you have a bigger space?

A: We are in the process of scheduling free tastings on the weekends. Come by to learn about a variety of companies that produce beautiful chocolate. See our Facebook page or CHOCOboard page on our website for dates of the tasting.

Q: You've been on 5th Avenue for a long time. What are some of your favorite shops, bars and restaurants?

A: Yes, we love 5th Ave. It has a vibe that feels creative and vibrant for us. We are excited to see new stores coming in...we love many stores on 5th. Some of our favorites include: Al di la, Flirt, Gorilla, Jonathan Blum's paintings, Dizzy's, Culture, Graphicolor, Luscious Food, Blue Sky, Pepperoncino, Diana Kane, and many more.

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