Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recent Changes On Fifth

As we noted earlier this month, change is in the air on Fifth Avenue, as new stores, bars and restaurants have taken over many of the vacant storefronts that started to pop up over the long, hard winter. The Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID is happy to welcome our new neighbors:

-Noble Dental Care PC (Dental, 340a 9th Street)
-Aarpan Indian Restaurant (Restaurant, 396 Fifth Avenue)
-Pure (Restaurant, 88 Fifth Avenue)
-Habitat (Clothing and Accessories, 137 Fifth Avenue)
-Caramello (Gelato cafe, 179 Fifth Avenue)
-The Munro (Bar, 481 Fifth Avenue)
-Vice Versa (Vintage, 550 Fifth Avenue)

Plus, as we noted back in April, Le Chandelier (264 Fifth Avenue) has been sold to Rompal Salon and the space has been renamed "Radiance Beauty Salon." There are still a lot of "Coming Soon" signs along the avenue so stay tuned and keep your eyes open for exciting new businesses on Fifth.

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