Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fifth Avenue's New Theme: Coming Soon!

We took a close look at the storefronts along Fifth Avenue, from Dean to 18th Street (aka the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID) yesterday and found lots of positive change.

Of course, Backyard, Badlands Barber and Salon, and Dizzy's recently opened. In addition, Skylark Bar opened in the Timboos space, Bagel Pub opened at the long-empty 287 9th Street and Sweet Treasures Bakery is serving up delicious treats at 588 Fifth Avenue. But the amazing part was the number of formerly vacant storefronts with "Coming Soon" signs in the window: 

-Pork Slope (247 Fifth Avenue)
-DuJour Bakery (365 Fifth Avenue)
-Aarpan Indian Food (396 Fifth Avenue)
-The Munro (481 Fifth Avenue)
-Premier Care (418 Fifth Avenue)
-Yogurberry (77 Fifth Avenue)
-Caramello (181 Fifth Avenue)
-Pure (88 Fifth Avenue)
-South Slope Pediatrics (501 Fifth Avenue)
-L Train Vintage (550 Fifth Avenue)
-Noble Dental Care (340a Fifth Avenue)

 Of course, there was some sad news. The space formerly occupied by Lugo Photography (169 Fifth Avenue) is now empty and the fixtures and goods in Brooklyn Mercantile were being moved to make way for a new Area Kids shop. All the best to our friends at Brooklyn Mercantile/Stitch Therapy, who will be continuing their businesses in a different form in the coming months.

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