Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping with Caitlin

Despite an onset of unseasonably warm weather unfitting for the festive activities that accompany the end of fall, the holidays are upon us. Holiday shopping always appeals to my girly sensibilities, and I find myself unconditionally drawn to party dresses, hand crafted stationary, and I’ll-find-a-use-for-it-somehow kinds of knick-knacks. A recent trip to some of my favorite boutiques in the neighborhood left me warm and fuzzy with holiday anticipation, that unique kind of warm and fuzzy even 60-degree weather in November can’t belittle.

Beginning with Small Business Saturday, I’ll be continuing the spirit of support for our local business by highlighting my holiday gift picks at some of the lovely stores along Fifth Avenue. Happy shopping!

Pink Olive | 167 Fifth Avenue | 718-398-2016 |

I’ve always relished window-shopping at Pink Olive for their selection of all things overwhelmingly cute. With such a collection of precious gifts, I would recommend Pink Olive as a spot for both moms and young ladies to pick up one-of-a-kind stocking stuffers.

  1. Holiday Cards from Night Owl Paper Goods

The holiday spirit is already in the air at Pink Olive, with many shelves dedicated to an assortment of holiday cards from boutique stationary brands across the country. One of my favorites was the eco-friendly Santa Owl Card Set by Night Owl Paper Goods. These adorable blank cards come in a box of 10 ($22).

  1. Happy Holidays Postcard Set by Rifle Paper Co.

A former Journalism student, I pine for the days when handwritten notes, no matter how simple, were the preferred method of communication amongst family members and friends. The “Happy Holidays” postcard set by Rifle Paper Co. made me smile. The cards come in packs of 10, and are perfect for sending a quick “With love from Brooklyn” ($14).

  1. Ice Cream Scented Bubbles

Though I don’t have any practical use for them, I can still appreciate the fun of ice cream scented bubbles. The soft serve cone-shaped novelty bubbles come in pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, and mint scents ($3).

  1. Saipua Soaps

I’ve always grouped scented soaps alongside candles in the “useless gift” category, until lingering by the store’s display of olive oil-based soaps by Saipua. Purchasing any of these craft soaps is a double-notch on the small business karma scale; not only would your business be supporting Pink Olive, but Saipua is also a small family-business based locally in Red Hook. My personal favorite is the tried and true lavender oatmeal soap ($12 each/2 for $20).

  1. “Je T’aime Brooklyn” Tote by Atsuyo et Akiki

It was love at first sight with the “Je T’aime Brooklyn” tote by Atsuyo et Akiki ($24). This cotton tote is lightweight and on the smaller side, ideal for carrying your latest read and a tumbler over to your favorite neighborhood coffee spot. There is also a “Je Taime New York” tote variety, but come on; we know what you really love.  

- Caitlin O'Connell 

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