Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recent Changes Along Fifth

Yesterday we took another walk along Fifth Avenue to see what has changed. Actually, no, we were really just taking a walk along the Avenue to enjoy the freakishly warm weather. Still, we did notice some things worth mentioning:


  • Naum Thai Kitchen appears to have opened at 194 Fifth Avenue, in the "kitchen" portion of the Long Tan space. Read more about this new restaurant at Here's Park Slope.

  • Pete's Pizzeria (289 Fifth Avenue) looks ready to start serving, if it hasn't already (it's hard to tell at 11:30 am).

  • A new place called Culture. (An American Yogurt Company) is opening at 331 Fifth Avenue (the former Serene Rose storefront). Stay tuned for details.

  • A "Columbia Restaurant Coming Soon" sign popped up at 376 Fifth Avenue, in the former Pollio space. The sign had just been hung and the paper was being placed in the windows as we were walking by, so figure on a month or two until it opens.


It feels really great to say this after such a difficult beginning to 2011: we didn't see any additional stores, bars or restaurants closing this time around. Great news!


  1. rumor is the colombian restaurant will open thursday.

  2. Great news about the colombian restaurant. I was worried that the space would remain empty for a long time. 5th avenue is getting better every day.