Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Checking Out ZuZu's Petals

Zuzu's Petals has been an important part of the Park Slope community since 1971, both on Seventh Avenue and, more recently, at 374 Fifth Avenue.

Customers visit the shop for its beautiful, high-quality plants and flowers and its knowledgeable staff and owners. We love to drop by every week to check out what's in stock and to strike up a conversation (sometimes about flowers, sometimes not). When you get a chance, drop by and check out their latest or sign up for their email list, where you'll get friendly, passionate updates like this:

The ZUZUS new favorite rose....

Free Spirit:

fragrant from across the room,
stupendously heavy petal count,
delicious color like summer fruits,
lasts a full week...
We try to keep them in stock but,
true to their name,
they FLY out the door.

Call and place an order...
718 638-0918
or just stop by.
374 fifth avenue
between 5th and 6th street.

If you don't get to stop by often, though, try checking out their blog, where you'll find fresh photos of their latest offerings.

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