Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Change on Fifth


Update:All About Fifth took a walk down the avenue and confirmed that we will soon have Lulu's Then & Now and a Luscious Foods on Fifth Avenue. Sounds like a win-win! The below referenced article was incorrect.

Well, things continue to change along Park Slope's Fifth Avenue durng these interesting times. On a recent walk along Fifth, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn found that Luscious Foods is closed and Lulus is opening a shop with "children's resale" (could mean gently used clothes and toys). Read the article here.

In addition, on our recent walk we saw that the Green Dry Cleaner between 1st and Garfield is now closed. Just two doors down, though, the space formerly occupied by 3r Living will soon be a Japanese Noodle Bar called "Naruto Ramen".

It seems that the only thing you can really count on these days in New York City is change, right? What other changes have you noticed recently? It's hard to keep up!


  1. OMG when I lived on the UES Naruto was my FAVORITE. I'm so excited!

  2. I was wrong about Luscious Food. My bad. They are alive and well. But Lulu's resale is going in to a space on Fifth near St. Mark's Avenue.