Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nannygate on Fifth?

Nannies are a hot topic in Park Slope today, thanks to the recently released results of Park Slope Parents' Nanny Survey (.pdf download).

According to The Brooklyn Paper, the results are a bit surprising:

* Only 14% of Park Slope parents pay their nannies on the books,
* Only 33% of have written contracts with their nannies, and
* The average weekly take-home pay is $548, 30% less that the NYC average.

Now, clearly the economy has something to do with these results. In fact, only 33% of the survey respondents were able to give their nannies a raise this year, as opposed to 55% last year. Looking around at some of the empty storefronts along Fifth Avenue, one can see a clear connection between the economic downturn, nanny pay and the loss of business for local merchants.

One also has to wonder whether similar results can be found in other neighborhoods throughout the city. Thanks to recent negative coverage of Park Slope (kids in bars, etc.) the results of this survey are clearly more interesting news for the media (there go those crazy Park Slope Parents, again).

Oh well, for what it's worth, the full survey is available here. The Brooklyn Paper's coverage can be found here.


  1. $548 a week is over $28,000 a year.

  2. Woohoo. You try living on $28k/yr in this town.