Friday, March 5, 2010

4th Avenue Forum

Instead of our regular news feature, All About Fifth wanted to give a shout to the great forum held on the future of 4th Avenue sponsored by the Park Slope Civic Council (PSCC) last night. The panelists were top notch, the attendance was high and the engagement, real. A number of salient issues were discussed from Atlantic Yards and storm surges (not the same thing)—to the need for ground floor retail and importance of pedestrian safety. Planning along 4th is in its infancy, and last night many agreed that 2010 represents a good time for the community to imagine its future and get involved in shaping it. The famously wide thoroughfare is also long—and brings together the diverse communities of Park Slope, the Gowanus, Sunset Park and other neighborhoods in a unique opportunity to work together on the challenges and possibilities that face its development. 4th is our seat to the NYC marathon, it is a major commuter corridor for cars, bikes and transit users—and home to a number of long term and new residents who will increasingly press their hopes upon its face. The call for engagement was palpable. If you’re interested in getting on board, visit the Park Slope Civic Council website, contact your local representatives, bring the Avenue up to your local nonprofits and neighborhood associations, or start your own campaign. We, at All About Fifth, can't wait to see all the bold and innovative ways residents will make their mark on this critical but nascent Avenue.

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