Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City Address

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg gave his 2010 State of the City Speech and it appears that a good portion of the Mayor's focus for the coming year and beyond will be on improving the way that the city works with new and expanding small businesses. In fact, he specifically mentioned Brian McNally and Iain Lake of the new Fifth Avenue Bar Black Horse Pub, who were helped through the city's difficult permitting process by agencies working together. The Mayor sees this case as a model for future policy, where barriers to businesses will be eased through inter-agency collaboration.

What we didn't see is any mention of plans to help struggling businesses that already exist. Perhaps a strong Buy-Local ad campaign is in order?

What would you like the Mayor to do for existing small businesses? Leave your comments, below.

To read the Mayor's entire speech, click here.

Check out the Black Horse Pub's website here. Congrats, guys!

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