Monday, December 7, 2009

The Word of Fifth

ABF: How does this holiday shopping season compare to last year, so far?

Amara from Eidolon:

It feels worse. A lot of people wait till the last second to do their holiday shopping, However, people are not even buying small items. Last year we did really well with socks and stockings before the end of the year. That's not happening this year. The luxury market has really gone away.

Adam from Red, White and Bubbly:

The amount of people buying is about the same, but the bottle price has gone down. We have a line of six-to-seven dollar quality wines, which are selling very well though, so I feel we will do just as well as last year.

Arlene from E Lingerie:

I thought it would be worse but people have already adapated. I have read some survyes that say that big box stores are seeing an increase in sales, but I don't know if people accustomed to high-end will go low-end. In my gut I think things will go well.

We'll keep checking in with merchants on a regular basis throughout the holiday season.

Shop Local, Park Slope!

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