Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brooklyn Mercantile and Stitch Therapy Join Forces

It bears reminding, especially during this holiday season when hand-made gifts are making a big show, that 5th Avenue has one place to shop for all hand-made needs. For a little over a month now, Brooklyn Mercantile and Stitch Therapy have joined forces at 335 5th Avenue. The strategic alliance made a lot of sense to these two long time friends and entrepreneurs, Tamara Lee and Maxcine DeGouttes (pictured here-- middle and right respectively).

With Brooklyn Mercantile's mission focused on the “hand-made, the hand-selected, must-haves" and Stitch Therapy serving as a critical home to Park Slope’s community of knitters (and crocheters and weavers) the partnership is a natural fit. There is a great energy to the store. Check them out!

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