Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Big Birthdays on #theother5th

We are celebrating some major milestones for our businesses and charities this year on #theother5th. We are so proud to have spent some time with these amazing people who work so hard to bring products and services to our neighborhood and give back through donations and extras that we all appreciate. Happy Anniversary to you all!

Leopoldi's Hardware, 415 5th Ave, turning 50 this April. If you have never been in the store then you are about the only one in Park Slope. It's a never-ending cavern of things you need and things you aren't familiar with...but you still need! But from out of nowhere, large pieces of sheet rock emerge along with 5 foot-wide sheets of artificial turf. How do they fit it all in one storefront? Always gracious and patient and very comical. Joe's voicemail message says "living the dream"! He certainly is!

BAX, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 421 5th Ave, turning 25. You can celebrate with BAX at their 25 year anniversary gala this April 9th. BAX is not just a performance space, but a place to study and nuture young talent and support professionals, connect people and support creativity. Find out more about the gala and what events and programs are on offer here.

Lulu's Cuts and Toys, 48 5th Ave, turning 15. This summer Lulu's will be celebrating 15 years on 5th Ave. Brigitte Prat saw an opportunity for a hair salon and toys in the Park Slope neighborhood and boy, was she right! Brigitte also sits on the Board of the BID and is a keen advocate for shopping local. She practices what she preaches! Her now three kid businesses are crucial for Park Slope's parents. Lulu's Cuts and Toys, Lulu's for Baby and Lulu's Then and Now.

V-Spot, 156 5th Ave, turning 10. You will see them at A Taste of Fifth, but you should definitely pop into one of the restaurants in their growing vegan empire. V Spot started serving their kosher friendly latin dishes right here on Fifth Avenue and now Manhattan can also enjoy the deliciousness too.  Check out the menu, the events; comedy and music nights here.

Ground Floor Gallery, 343 5th St, turning 3. We are pleased to share this gorgeous space with Ground Floor Gallery. Krista and Jill work hard to provide local emerging artists an exhibit space to enable them to connect  to new buyers and people. They have affordable and interesting shows that are open to everyone. Come in and take a look and learn more about the BID too! Information here.

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