Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shopping and Shipping on #theother5th

You might think it's too early to think about gift buying for the Holidays, but for us Brits and those with families overseas, the Holidays come a month earlier.

If you want your parcels to arrive on time to just about any part of the world, you need to be shipping those boxes by December 1st, unless you are happy to pay priority express shipping. Then you have another week or so.

We suggest you get down to #theother5th and explore the gift, jewelry, clothing and other unique stores in the next week. Most of the local businesses will gift wrap your items for free. Go to our business directory to see just how many wonderful places there are on 5th Ave and remember shopping local helps to support the community you live in.

We have a post office in the BID area and Active Transport Services can also sort out your shipping needs with reasonable prices.

Active Transport Services
285 5th Ave
(718) 965-1300

Van Brunt Post Office
275 9th St
(718) 768-1284

Joanna Tallantire


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