Saturday, September 12, 2015

Where to watch NFL on #theother5th

We are really lucky to have so many great, local bars and restaurants on 5th serving delicious drinks and food. We are also pleased that so many of them show sports and in particular NFL games. Are you ready for some football, Park Slope?

Here is a list of where to go to get your Football fix.

Also watch out for coverage of the US Open finals this weekend and the Rugby World Cup next week in some of these venues.

The Montrose
47 5th Ave corner of Bergen

The Black Horse Pub
568 5th Ave at 16th St

Pork Slope
247 5th Ave near Carroll

Henri on 5th
279 5th Ave at 1st St

Bonnie's Grill
278 5th Ave between 1st and Garfield
A special spot for Buffalo Bills fans! Go Bills!

Uncle Barry's
58 5th Ave between St Mark's and Bergen

200 Fifth
200 5th Ave near Union

The Monro Pub
481 5th Ave between 11th and 12th

39 5th Ave Near Dean

629 5th Ave between 17th and 18th

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