Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baba's Deli, An Oasis on #theother5th

Mario, Stepahnie, Chantal and Steven

Baba's Deli is not just a deli! Sure, they serve made-to-order sandwiches, salads and fresh baked goods and they are all very good. But Baba's also has a beautiful outdoor seating area with a newly painted mural and a real live fountain! When I went to visit, there were a few people just sitting, enjoying their lunch in a shady spot and listening to the trickling of the water. You really could be transported to a vacation spot here.

Steven and Chantal have owned Baba's for 25 years! The deli evolved from an Indian store to what it is today, a family-friendly spot to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and always enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Pop in and say congratulations to the team for their 25th Anniversary. Baba's also delivers but you don't want that! You want to enjoy that amazing outdoor space!

Baba's Deli
599 5th Avenue (near Prospect Ave)
718 788-7819

Joanna Tallantire

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