Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fashion on The Other Fifth

Fifth Avenue celebrated its last Summer Strolls event with a Fashion Show. The stage was set outside Tabeel Aromatherapy Gifts and Salon. Tabeel's idea was to showcase the many beautiful designs that can be found on the The Other Fifth! And what a great show!  Here is a glimpse of what we saw, which boutiques participated and where you can go to get those and similar items.

On the Catwalk were Petrune, Eleven Boutiques, Tabeel Aromatherapy Gift and Salon and Goorin Bros.

Tabeel's Aromatherapy Gifts and Salon

Tabeel not on 5th Ave!
Tabeel was the inspiration behind the Summer Strolls Fashion Show. She has owned her store at 76 Fifth Avenue for 20 years! Her store is awash with scented candles, bath and body essentials, soaps and essential oils.

Tabeel also sells apparel through her store and website and at the 5th Ave Fair! Here are a few of her outfits on the catwalk! Many of them are versatile, so you can change the dress into a skirt, for example.

Tehetine with Darlene holding the microphone


Eleven Consignment Boutique and Eleven Vintage Boutique

Andrea and Monroe elegantly hit the runway, both sporting different outfits but both wearing cut price designer pieces and affordable items. I don't know how Andrea managed to hand that bag back!

In the Vintage store you can find Abbie, who will assist you in putting an outfit together to suit your price range and style. The Consignment store will buy, trade and sell clothes and accessories. Liz is the Owner of the two stores. Eleven Consignment Boutique located at 70 5th Ave and Eleven Vintage Boutique at 71 5th Ave.


Goorin Bros.

Andrew and Claren really fell into character on the runway. Claren's bowler hat was a hit with the audience. In fact, the Team in Goorin have a knack for finding you the perfect hat for your head. Situated near Berkeley at 195 5th Ave there is an assortment of beautifully made hats for men, women and children and for all occasions. Bringing history back with hats.


Ru showing off the store
Claren and Andrew

Petrune Brooklyn

Petrune sells classically made vintage clothes but specializes in one of a kind hand made items as well. As you can see, Emma looks stunning in both outfits on the runway. They were timeless, beautiful pieces. Visit Petrune and you see they always have a fantastic window display; it's impossible to walk on by. Petrune is located near President Street at 233 5th Ave.


A final note: Thanks again to Tabeel and her team for organizing, The Old Stone House for the sound equipment and Mark Caserta, BID Executive Director, for the stage and background work.

See you next year at the Summer Strolls!

Joanna Tallantire

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