Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band at BAX

Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days away (see tomorrow's post for lots of great ways to enjoy the game on Fifth). But kickoff isn't until the early evening. That leaves plenty of time to have fun on Fifth!

So, grab your kids and celebrate the first night of the Jumpin Juniper Festival at BAX (421 Fifth Avenue) with music from Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band. Experience the exhilarating energy of Jumpin’ Juniper as she hosts an interactive hour of story, song, film, or dance. Immerse yourself in the excitement of high-quality live performances by celebrated guest artists.

The fun begins at 11 AM. Tickets are $8 per person and FREE for children under 2 years old. Visit for tickets and information on the artists performing in this popular month-long festival for family audiences.

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