Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Interview: Welcome Canvas!

We hadn't had a chance, yet, to welcome Canvas (348 6th Street near Fifth Avenue) to the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID:

1. Welcome to Fifth Avenue! We are excited to have you! Since you just opened, tell us a little about Canvas.
Thank you, I am excited to be here! Canvas Wine Bar and Art Gallery has been a vision I've had for many years. The space, itself, is an artistic expression- from the many layers of paint on the walls, custom ceiling, over to the handmade bar in the center. I was able to bring together two of my passions, Art and great Food and Wine. Coming from a family of  Italian immigrants and being the first born American, I developed a great love for food and wine. At Canvas we offer Organic salads, mini paninis, appetizers, a delicious 5-cheese Frutta e Formaggio- and much more. I have put together a list of Wines from around the world, ranging from a Tuscan Rubio to a French Bourgogne. 

2. How has it been going, so far? 
It's been great ! Everyone has been very supportive of Canvas and business has been growing every day.

3. What attracted you to open near Fifth Avenue in Park Slope? 
Well, being a Brooklyn native born and raised here, I couldn't have opened anywhere else in the world. I feel Fifth Avenue is the perfect spot, with the eclectic row of restaurants ranging from Chip Shop to Blue Ribbon, hopefully Canvas can add its own personality to the mix .

4. Do you have any interesting events or regular happenings at your store that you would like to promote? 

Yes, October 29th we will be supporting CHiPS and donating 15% of sales to this wonderful local charity that does great work helping feed and house single moms in need. On October 31st we will be hosting our first annual Halloween Party and on November 15th I will also be having an art show displaying some of my new work and live music. 

I'm also planning a mural in the near future, incorporating Canvas, Chip Shop, and Corner Burger Restaurants on 6th Street and 5th Ave. Stay tuned.

5. We know you are new to the neighborhood, but do you have any favorite places to eat, drink or shop on Fifth?

There are so many great spots to name on Fifth, but a few of my favorites are Chip Shop, D' Jour Bakery, and Backyard. Being a huge comic book fan my whole life, I can't forget to add Galaxy collectibles; one of my favorite store fronts on 5th ave!  

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