Monday, October 21, 2013

Interview: Acme Wines and Spirits

Acme Wines and Spirits opened just a few short months ago and have been generating a lot of buzz in the south side of Fifth Avenue. We thought we would take a few moments to welcome them to the avenue and to see how things are going:

1. Welcome to Fifth Avenue! We are excited to have you! Since you just opened, tell us a little about your store. Our primary focus at Acme Wines and Spirits is on smaller production wines and artisanal spirits, but with an emphasis on finding good values.  We know that if you work with the right importers and distributors, it is totally possible to find interesting wines at prices for every day drinking.  75% of all our wines are priced under $20 and we have an entire section devoted to wines at $13 and under.

2. How has it been going, so far? The community has been super receptive.  The neighborhood was super thirsty, if you will, for a store like ours.  We've tried to find something for everyone and we are excited to introduce our customers to new things.

3. What attracted you to open on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope? I am a resident of Park Slope and live just a couple blocks from the store and I walk these blocks every day.  You can see that Fifth, south of 9th Street, is changing pretty quickly and we needed to be part of that change.

4. Do you have any interesting events or regular happenings at your store that you would like to promote? Absolutely.  We do tastings once a week, generally on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons.  The tastings are posted on our website, and anyone who would like to be on the email list to hear about our events can contact us at

5. We know you are new to the neighborhood, but do you have any favorite places to eat, drink or shop on Fifth? There is so much that is exciting on Fifth Avenue now, it's hard to narrow it down.  We love what have become institutions on Fifth, like Stone Park and Al di La, but we also think there are some great things happening down this end - like cocktails at Skylark or Monro, amazing Mexican at Nuevo Mexico, super fun Side Car and Prospect, and a late night sausage and beer snack at Der Kommissar.

Photo via South Slope News

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