Monday, September 9, 2013

Interview : Eleven Consignment Boutique

Fifth Avenue continues to grow as a Mecca for vintage/consignment shoppers. A bunch of great new stores recently opened up in the north end of the BID. Last week, we took a few moments to officially welcome the staff from Eleven Consignment Boutique and talk about how things are going:

1. Tell us a little about your store.

Eleven Consignment Boutique began when the owner steered his thrift store knowledge toward the high end luxury consignment concept. He opened the flagship store (with amazing window displays) in Manhattan’s East Village in December, 2010. When he took on a partner, who’s BFA in Art and trendy style complemented his concepts, they were ready to expand. This fast growing company acquired a second location in Park Slope, Brooklyn in March, 2013. From Chanel and Hermes to smaller, more affordable, second hand items; there is something for everyone’s price point. Eleven prides themselves on close attention to all their customers and consignees and provide personal concierge services to those who request it.

2. How is it going so far?

Great! The area is the perfect spot for us. Everyone who walks in is so happy we are here now. They really have been waiting for us, so many of our NYC shoppers and consigners live in the area and have begged us for years to come to Brooklyn, so now here we are. We even plan our 3rd shop, which may also be in Brooklyn, even though it was planed for Manhattan.

3. Any interesting events or regular happenings at your store that you would like to promote?

Yes! We just hosted a big ladies night out event with Chanel wine and cupcakes. It went great!

5. We know you are new to the neighborhood, but do you have any favorite places to eat, drink or shop on Fifth?

We love Benchmark. Marc Murphy is where the owners first met at his restaurant in NYC so all of his restaurants hold a great sentimental value to us.

Eleven Consignment Boutique

180 1st Ave NY,NY
Tell- 212 -260 2742

70 5th Ave BK,NY
Tell - 718-399-7767

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