Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interview: Cat Foley of Enz's Park Slope

We were sad to see Dr. Brendan' close on Fifth Avenue this past spring (lord knows we needed new batteries for our iPhones), but at the same time,  we were excited to see Enz's pop up in their 171 Fifth Avenue space so quickly. We thought we would take a few minutes to welcome them to Fifth Avenue. Below is an interview with co-owner Cat Foley:

1. Welcome to Fifth Avenue! Since you just opened, tell us a little about your store. 

Hi! Enz's is a rockabilly and pin up store. This is the newest location, but the store has been around since 1978. We sell mainly dresses, but we carry everything from baby rompers to burlesque outfits. 

2. How has it been going, so far? 

Very well, the neighborhood has been very welcoming and interested in what we are bringing to Park Slope.

3. What attracted you to open on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope? 

Besides being a shopping street, Park Slope is a very cool neighborhood. It's not overhyped... Yet. It has a small town feel too. 

4. Do you have any interesting events or regular happenings at your store that you would like to promote? 

Once we get going, we're going to be hosting private shopping events with pinup hair and makeup tutorials. 

5. We know you are new to the neighborhood, but do you have any favorite places to eat, drink or shop on Fifth? 

Ha! All our neighbors of course, Burger Bistro, Caramello, Brooklyn Crepe, Goorin Bros, and Guvnors. 

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