Monday, September 10, 2012

Recent Changes on Fifth

There's plenty of change taking place along Park Slope's Fifth Avenue, this month. Here's what we found, during our walk last Friday:

Storefronts under construction:

203 Fifth Avenue
205 Fifth Avenue
237 Fifth Avenue
289 Fifth Avenue

Coming Soon:

291 Fifth Avenue: Bagels (name N/A)
278 Fifth Avenue: Calexico
 284 Fifth Avenue: Terroir Wine Bar
 482 Fifth Avenue: Frozen Yogurt (name N/A)
125 Fifth Avenue: NY Kids Club
217 Fifth Avenue: Poppy
492 Fifth Avenue: Mezzini Restaurant

Recently opened:

365 Fifth Avenue: DuJour Bakery
169 Fifth Avenue: Brooklyn Crepe & Juice
525 Fifth Avenue: Subway

That's right, 11 storefronts will soon be newly occupied over the next few weeks (or months). The vacancy rate is holding steady at 6.5%, so things seem to be moving in the right direction!

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