Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brides on Fire at Freddy's

When you read the title of this post, you probably thought that Freddy's was hosting either a) a provocatively-named punk rock band or b) a performance artist that sets wedding dresses on fire. But, would you believe it actually refers to an opera performance? We thought not.

Tonight at 9:00, drop by Freddy's Bar to see Opera on Tap (if you haven't been to one of their performances, you may have seen them sing on Fifth Avenue during special events) for a tribute to the "burning brides of opera!"

Nobody puts the drama in a wedding like opera brides! And in celebration, we’re busting out our wedding dresses one more time and we invite you to do the same. Join us at Freddy's, wear your wedding gown (or hell, that perriwinkle bridesmaid’s dress that’s hanging in the back of your closet) and throw back some beers as we regale you with wedding-centric arias. Boys, feel free to bust out your best monkey suit!

We bet you've never been to an opera performance dedicated to burning brides in the back room of a bar while holding a beer. If not, you need to be there! Details here.

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