Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Small Business Forum

We're big supporters of small businesses, even if they aren't on Fifth Avenue. That's why we're happy to help promote this new group called the Park Slope Small Business Forum. It's made up of folks who run their small businesses out of their homes or are developing plans for a new business idea.

If this sounds interesting to you, they will be meeting tonight (2/21) at 8:00pm at Park Slope Eye (682 Union Street near Fifth Avenue).

Here's a preview of tonights program:

Leonard Shostak will present: "Do you get what you pay for? Know what kind of help you really need—and how to get it.” Whether you’re starting a business, thinking of starting one, or trying to grow an existing business or freelance practice, you have a lot of questions - do I need a lawyer, do I need an accountant, do I need to incorporate? Do I need a formal business plan? Should I take my brother-in-law’s advice, or my banker’s? How do I get my accountant and computer guy to work together? Could a consultant or coach help me? Leonard has worked with, hired (and fired) a variety of business advisers for clients in 20 years as a business and technology consultant. Benefit from his experience to avoid beginner mistakes and get more bang for your professional services buck. 

 Please RSVP to weissj2003@yahoo.com

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