Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recent Changes on Fifth

Well, after a challenging January, things are starting to look up on Fifth Avenue in late February/early March.

Here are some of the changes we saw, on our walk yesterday:

154 Fifth Avenue: Chez Bibis Burger Bar is coming soon
249 Fifth Avenue: Beauty Bar  is now open.
388 Fifth Avenue: Backyard now open
396 Fifth Avenue: we hear that an Indian Restaurant is opening in the former Mezcal's space. 

Also, there are signs of construction at several spaces between Dean and 18th Streets, including at the former Comida, Timboos and Aunt Suzie's spaces (see photo above).

Still, there is some bad news this month:

125 Fifth Avenue: Southpaw Closed
280 Fifth Avenue: Blue Ribbon Sushi closed
341 Fifth Avenue: El Sitio Borinquen closed
461 Fifth Avenue: Lily's Gift Shop closing soon
487 Fifth Avenue: Hair Designs by Julie appears to be empty


  1. I wouldn't call the closing of El Sitio Borinquen a bad thing.

  2. Nor would I. Ordered there once one evening at 6:00 p.m. Was told my food would be there "shortly." 6:40, no food. I call. "It just left." (I'm 2 blocks away.) 6:55, no food. I call again. "What did you order again?" I tell them. "On it's way." 7:15, guy finally shows up with piping hot (obviously made 5 minutes prior) food. No apology from delivery guy, AND he does not have any change. No wonder that place was always empty.