Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recent Changes Along Fifth

Yes, we took our monthly walk along Fifth Avenue yesterday. Not a good idea when the temperature is below 30 degrees.

Anyway, as we noted last week, January can be bumpy, as businesses assess their year after the Christmas season is over and decide whether to keep going in the new year. Sure enough, there were a lot of changes along the Avenue as of January 3rd, although there are still a lot of positive signs:


* Kappa Sake House (388 Fifth Avenue)
* Aunt Suzie's Restaurant (247 Fifth Avenue)
* Perch (365 Fifth Avenue)
* Comida (230 Fifth Avenue)- this isn't 100%, but the phone appears to be disconnected.
* Scoopz (158 Fifth Avenue)- we hadn't seen this shop open in some time and late last month, the name was cut from the awning.
* Thrifty Liquidators (483 Fifth Avenue)


* Lullaby Baby (488 Fifth Avenue)- opening soon
* Park Slope Academy of Jiu Jitsu (518 Fifth Avenue)- opening soon
* George's II Barber Shop (78 Fifth Avenue)

There is also construction at a number of spaces, including 202 Fifth Avenue, near Union Street.

In addition, a sign announcing "Coming Soon! We Buy Gold" was posted at 327 9th Street.


  1. Great - a pawn shop....

  2. Devastated over perch

  3. They closed Perch??????? Why????? I I'm heartbroken. Also ate at Aunt Suzies on NYE. Very bittersweet. I hate the new Brooklyn. Please stop screwing it up.

  4. A pawn shop is bad news for this part of Park Slope. Right by the Drug rehab center @ the Y? Very irresponsible.

  5. Jiu Jitsu across the street from Amerikick? What? Why?