Monday, August 15, 2011

Art of Brooklyn Festival

Coming this weekend:

The Art of Brooklyn is a new independent film and art festival created to bring together the new Brooklyn-based art community, the Brooklyn of immigrants and transplants and the Brooklyn of those who were born and raised here. Because to us, all Brooklyns are created equal. The festival features a week of indie films in all genres as well as art exhibits and live music, with pre-show receptions and after parties included in the ticket price.


What: The Art of Brooklyn: A Festival of Film, Music and Art
When: August 20-27, 2011
Where: St. Francis College Theatre, 180 Remsen St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
How Much: Daily passes for $12 online/ $15 at the door

Full Schedule, trailers, tickets and more at:

Speaking of films, Park Slope Films (Apostles of Park Slope) is raising funds for a new movie called "The Schenectady Package":

It’s a quiet Sunday on Brooklyn’s Schenectady Street, a dead-end block in what has recently become a very desirable neighborhood for wealthy young urbanites. Suddenly, an anonymous large box is discovered in the middle of the street by one of Schenectady Street’s long time residents. When the rest of neighbors gather to investigate, speculation slowly turns to accusation. Tensions rise as crazy theories fan the flames of mistrust. Fear of terrorism brings unspoken prejudices to the surface. Each homeowner points a finger at the others as panic make even the most outlandish claim seem reasonable. In a mad rush to escape the fear, houses are put on the market as the old guard of the street sells their homes for whatever they can get. Only then, is the story behind the mysterious package revealed.

For more details, go to To contribute to the movie, click here.

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