Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passover at Miriam

We really love to eat long, slow meals at Miriam (79 Fifth Avenue @ Prospect Place). Sadly, we don't get out to eat as much as we used to but tonight might be a good night to visit Miriam. According to their website, they still have a special Passover meal for one more night. Whats on the menu?

Appetizers, Soup and Salad

Spring salad $7

Asparagus, artichoke hearts and endives with crumble bleu cheese and apple honey mustard vinaigrette

Shredded carrots and cabbage salad in lemon garlic dressing $4

Matzo ball soup with chicken, carrots and fresh herbs $6

Gefilte fish and Hraine (horseradish and beets salad) $7

Nuts and apples haroset $4

Chopped liver $4

Main courses

Whole roasted leg of lamb $200

Roasted filet of grouper with Charamula $60

Fresh herbs with garlic lemon juice and Mediterranean spices

**Herbed rubbed maple glazed Cornish hens $20

Braised Beef brisket $14

Side dishes $6

Potato and dried fruit kugel

Carrot and parsnip tzimmis

Roasted rosemary and garlic mini new potatoes

Rice with lentils, caramelized onion and pine nuts

The menu says to "Please call at least a week in advance" but it might be worth calling to see if there are any last-minute openings.

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