Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent Changes Along Fifth

It was a long, hot summer and, unfortunately, we didn't really get outside as much as we would have liked to. So, to catch up on what's new, we took a walk along the entire length of the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID yesterday. Here are some changes we found:

Recently Opened

Like most bloggers, we tend to announce the openings with the most buzz. Here are some important changes that we missed. Sorry!

Green Kitchen: (486 Fifth Avenue between 11th & 12th) from what we can gather, this is a sort-of organic, healthy diner, with sandwiches, smoothies and custom salads.

Yona Lee Vintage & Fifth Eye Optix: Yona Lee is clearly no longer at 186 Fifth Avenue. That space is empty. It looks like their goods are merged into the Fifth Eye Optix space at 172 Fifth Avenue. Anyone know what's going on there?

Milan Optique: (83 Fifth Avenue between Park & Prospect PL) Maybe we just didn't notice this place before or maybe we need new glasses, in which case, we should drop in and say hi. Either way, Milan Optique is a shiny new presence on the street.

Recently Closed

Stoned: (82 Fifth Avenue between St. Marks & Warren)

Serene Rose (331 Fifth Avenue) is merging into Razor (329 Fifth Avenue): This husband and wife team, which owned adjacent men's and women's shops, are merging into one space.

Corduroy Kid: (231 Fifth Avenue between President & Carroll)


Total Wine Bar: (74 Fifth Avenue between St. Mark's & Warren)
There is nothing unusual about a wine bar having its gates closed during the afternoon. However, we have had several people ask us whether it is closed because the gates were down during prime evening hours. We called twice during the evening and got an answering machine and the website appears to be missing but there have been no official announcements. We don't want to start rumors so if anyone has details, we'll post them here.


  1. total wine bar has been closed for over a month.

  2. That's kinda what we thought but it's hard to tell with the steel roll-gate. You can't see in.