Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Roman Pizza on the Way


We are really late to this story but we felt the need to mention it, since we also noticed this spot (187 Fifth Avenue) back in January when it was empty and covered in green posters.

Six months later, the site is transformed into Campo de'Fiori, an authentic Roman Style pizza joint that will sell by the pie and the slice! Grub Street is reporting that the owner of this new restaurant also has a well-regarded restaurant in Rome and is making pizzas that are rectangular and "crunchy on the bottom and moist on top, so they can be eaten with two fingers without folding."

Sounds great, but we wonder if Brooklynites will know what to do with pizza that they can't fold!

Anyway, we look forward to giving this a try, as we have lots of great memories of eating our way through Rome. It's nice to see a vacant, billboard-covered site get transformed into an eatery this promising.

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