Monday, October 19, 2009

Avenue Feedback Loop

All About Fifth talked to Moe, long-time Slope resident (37 years) about the Avenue.

Where did you just shop along the Avenue? Leopoldi's hardware. They are store owners and neighborhood guys, satisfying customer needs with product and advice. Although not the neatest of stores-- it is homey, in a way. They are not cold efficient entrepreneurs who know how to process for efficiency.

People say the Avenue has most everything-- what do you think, any gaps? The neighborhood needs a really good hobby store for adults, nothing x rated. I mean things such as miniature train sets, ant farms, stamps and coin collections, etc. And the store should have a bar in back.

Any other stores you want to give a shout out to? I don't want to wax nostalgic but, when we moved into the neighborhood there was more than restaurants, banks, real estate offices, and chic boutiques. Between President and Garfield there was a fruit and vegetable store, butcher, bakery, shoe repair, coffee shop, women's and children's clothing, and more, where the owners knew you. It had a real neighborhood feel.

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