Monday, September 28, 2009

Avenue Feedback Loop

Here is our second in a series of feedback loops on one of Park Slope's most vibrant commercial avenues. This one is of Vanessa, a Park Slope resident for a little over 5 years.

Where did you just shop along the Avenue? The last place I shopped on 5th Avenue was Associated Supermarket at Union Street. This market serves our neighborhood so well and the recent expansion is great. Not only is the Associated a staple in our landscape, but so is the awesome staff. Shout out to the whole crew for always being so friendly, helpful, and an ongoing part of our community.

People say the Avenue has most everything-- what do you think, any gaps? As much as I love 5th, there are still a lot of gaps that fall under the “errands” category. As Park Slope has developed over the past few years, 7th Ave has become known as a go-to for errands and 5th Ave for restaurants, boutiques, etc. This can be hard if you live below 6th Avenue. I’d like to think I speak for all of us below 6th-ers, and even below 4th-ers!, when I say that I’d love to see: a video store, a real liquor store, and a pharmacy!

Any other stores you want to give a shout out to? There are so many stores that I want to give a shout out to because they help make Park Slope, well, Park Slope. If forced to pick, a big-up to:

Cog & Pearl: for adding an artistic flair to our neighborhood, supporting local & independent designers, and helping us fill our apartments with smart, unique design.

Bierkraft: for building a great community out of their shop, supporting and promoting both brand new and staple locally produced/manufactured food items and…. for sometimes giving away free beer!

Bob and Judi’s Collectibles: big shout out to Bob and Judi for maintaining this staple in our neighborhood, reminding us that we don’t always need to buy new, and allowing us to purchase cool old stuff for a reasonable sum of money! Please never leave us!

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